Newly elected MPs sworn at the Seimas

Photos from the solemn ceremony by Olga Posaškova, Martynas Ambrazas Office of the Seimas at:


Press release, 16 November 2020

On 13 November 2020, the newly elected Seimas of the 2020–2024 legislative period convened for its first sitting. The work of the Seimas began with a solemn ceremony in the historic Hall of the Act of 11 March.

In line with the Statute of the Seimas, the first sitting of the newly elected Seimas was opened by the oldest elected MP. This honour fell on Antanas Vinkus, aged 77, entrusted with presiding over the sitting until the election of the Speaker of the Seimas.

According to Mr Vinkus, Chair of the sitting, the people of Lithuania expect not only swift and wise decisions, but also decency and respect for each other. ‘Being a Member of the Seimas amounts to more than honour and popularity; it is a great responsibility and a duty to serve the nation and every voter who placed their trust in us thus committing us to hear their voice and perceive the problems of the nation. MPs must adhere to the Constitution approved by the national referendum and remember that the nation is the ultimate sovereign that shall create the state,’ Mr Vinkus said at the opening of the first sitting of the Seimas.

According to the Chair of the sitting, the Seimas can and must lead by example in proving that the Parliament can truly help citizens become stronger, happier, and capable of successful endeavours in state-building directed to nation’s benefit.

Gitanas Nausėda, President of the Republic of Lithuania, and Gintaras Grušas, Metropolitan Archbishop of Vilnius, also came to welcome the elected MPs.

While congratulating the newly elected Parliament, Gitanas Nausėda, President of the Republic of Lithuania, stressed that the new Seimas was starting its work at a difficult time. ‘As the newly elected parliamentarians, together with the future Government, you will be tasked with managing one of the biggest crises in recent times. You have gathered for the first sitting at a time when the whole country is in great danger of infection, when medical staff are anxiously counting the beds that remain available for severe patients, and businesses are calculating the growing losses,’ the Head of State said.

The President invited the elected Members of the Seimas to strive for Lithuania to become a strong, fair, green, and innovative country. ‘We should all pool our efforts towards building a country that is confident because its citizens also have confidence in one another; a country that not only cares about today, but also invests into the future by ensuring sustainable development of the green economy; and a country where hard work and determination allow everyone to fulfil their dreams,’ Mr Nausėda said, adding that he was willing not only to talk, but also to listen; not only to demand, but also to recognise the weight of arguments of his opponents.

The new Members of the Seimas observed a minute of silence in memory of the late signatories to the Act of Independence of Lithuania, demised former Members of the Seimas, and all who perished for Lithuania’s freedom.

During the first sitting, Laura Matjošaitytė, Chairwoman of the Central Electoral Commission, announced the decision of the Central Electoral Commission on the final results of the elections to the Seimas and read out loud the list of the elected Members of the Seimas.

According to Ms Matjošaitytė, the Central Electoral Commission received no requests regarding the renouncing of the powers of an MP.

At the first sitting, the oath of allegiance of the Members of the Seimas was administered by Dainius Žalimas, President of the Constitutional Court. Upon having read the oath of allegiance, every MP signed the nominal oath sheet. A Seimas Member who has signed an oath of allegiance to the Republic of Lithuania acquires all the rights of a representative of the nation.

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